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    Marlen (Franka) came to our house in July 2006 from Ms.Ivana Lipenska's kennel 'Swiss Star' in the Czech Republic.


Over the previous dozen years we used to have Rottweilers. Naturally we still like this breed and we still cannot forget them, especially the last one – Tosia – she had an amazing character and was a beautiful dog. However, it was extremely tiring to face rising hostility and distrust towards this breed. We were very sorry that our dogs

couldn't enjoy freedom and the company of other dogs.    

We gave a lot of consideration to the choice of our new dog, and we sometimes joke that in this mature age the time has come for 'conscious maternity'.
A puppy in your house demands a lot of time and effort, but it is hard to live long wihout the pitter-patter of four paws in the morning, welcomings and the joy of going for a walk in the forest togethe. What influenced our decision to choose Swissy were undoubtedly the looks as well as information concerning the dog's character and temperament. We can't say if all Swissies are like Franka, but she's a dog with a very strong personality, she doesn't fear anything, so she doesn't show agression either. She doesn't mind small dogs barking at her or even pinching her with their teeth, but at times she can be jealous and possessive. First dog show successes encouraged us to participate in such events. Thanks to help from experienced breeders like Mrs  Andre Brochaust, Barbara Wierzbicka " Refugium Polonica", Agnieszka  Bułas "Koneser" 
we made it and

on January 18, 2009 our first puppies were born.     Breeding dogs is becoming my passion, Thanks to the Internet , the access to knowledge is easier, it takes less time to learn about the most basic issues associated with breeding dogs, especially with genetics. There are many databases concerning dogs in various countries. In many countries there are GSMD clubs, which run full registry of dogs. This helps reduce as much as possible the likelihood of puppies having hereditary diseases. However, such precautions only increase the chance that puppies will be healthy. Unfortunately, there can never be 100-percent certainty.
Franka will soon be 4 years old and she still is above all a member of our family, whose positive energy and character mean very much to us. She makes us happy when we are in a bad mood. The positive effect of going for long walks together, cannot be overestimated.  


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