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    We have puppies born 10.06.2016





  June 2016 , mum and pupy (4 days old)

    puppies 4 days old (litle dragons)









   April 2014

    Bunia (Fame Canis Star) at 15 months of age

    07.IV 2014 Nowy Dwór Maz.  Junior Winner 

     completed the efforts fot title Junior Champion of Poland   




       January 2014 


     January 2014

     CAC  Gdańsk,  Conan Best-J-Ja  EXC I, CAC, BOB 


    December 2013 

   CAC   Nowy Dwór  14 XII 2013 ,  Fame Canis Star (nasza Bunia) - , EXCI,  JW,    Chicco Best-J-Ja,



 October 2013 

   Two  very nice Franka's grand children were born in  Germany  

.  Anna & August   von Grafenland 3 weeks old 



   Luly  2013 

July 2th Frania again has grandchildren - this time 12puppies  !! mom is Caya Best-J-Ja ,father  Harley von den Wonneproppen

girles and boys - one week old



 Photo: Girls! girls! girls! <3 <3 <3Miot M - nasze kochane dziewczynki (zdjęcia chłopaków następnym razem) Właśnie skończyły swój pierwszy tydzień życia :) 


 Duży Szwajcarski Pies Pasterski/ Pup'n'Roll/Great Swiss Mountain Dog


     May 1 2013 Frania has grandchildren  

 3 nice strong puppies - 2 boys and 1 pretty girl  , mom is Atena Lubuski  Opiekun , Father Bingo  Best-J-Ja




      February 2013 



                   Nitra - Slovakia

              Chicco  first time in champion class 2x  V , res. CAC & CAC i  res CACIB  




                    December 15 Lithuania - Vilnius Chicco received  CAC, CACIB i BOB 



                    received  X- Ray "C" Letter  next  dogs results  


               Caya - HD-A, ED/OCD free ,  Eyes clear 

               Conan - HD- A, Ed- 0/0




                   Caya Best-J -Ja   stayed  Champion of Poland




                25-26.08 2012  two shows national  of II group and international in Białystok.

               Chicco received   2x CAC, , 1x res. CACIB, 1 x BOB  






            Chicco  passed behavior tests, and can be "official" Stud dog 






 1th of July ,  Genk- Belgia  Chanel  Best-J-Ja won Open Class and  CACIB 







               Nitra - Słowacja Cayka Best-J- Ja won  CACIB i res. CACIB, 





  January  2012


   Nice news about  dog shows results Intermmediade Class -  "C" letter  



                                  06 01 2012  Mielno-1 Królewska Wystawa Psów  Mielno,

                                               Conan V1, CWC, BOB 




                                                  Caya    V1,  CWC I 

                                          1th Expo Silesia Dog Show 2012 






                                                         18th January - 3rd Birthday letter "B"                                         




                                                                      Bingo, Baster, Barack , Baby 






                Caya  Best-J-Ja Examination with a positive result in dog school






             Baby Best-J-Ja 


                   won BOB &a tittle Champion de Luxemburg




  BINGO  Best-J-Ja (pedigree),  X- Ray 


                                             HD- A1, ED/OCD-0

                                             eyes without hereditary diseases

                                                                            psychical test 5/5,


 Warsaw 10 September   BOB -  Club Winner  2011




            Chanel , X- Ray  official results   HD- A1, ED/OCD-0,








  12. 06 . 2011  was a happy day  for us because  at national show  in Lublin

  Bingo  received  V1, CAC, BOB,   -   the last  needed  to the  National Champion  of Breed 

  Chicco  V1 and  Youth  Vinner 

  Chanel made V2 (of 5 female) in Agrbsen Germany  with very nice Judge    Report


   Bingo 2 years 5 months old -BOB              



   16.05 2011 FIRST BIRTHDAY "C" LETTER 




       Conan , he passed  psyhical test 5/5 pkt  and received one                                                                                   week later  excellent at  CAC

 07.05.2011  Dortmund (28 registered GSMS)

              Baby Best-J-Ja in Open Class

              V1, Anw Dt Ch VDH, CAC, SSV, CACIB, , Centenary-Winner FCI 



                                                                      photo by Maud Velders NL

April  2011

 Galeria Chanel


                                        Chanel -  V1-CAC Anw. auf  VDH Jugend Champion





Ausstellung Rheinberg 2011 - Open Class -

V1, Anw.Dt. Ch.VDH, CAC SSV, CACIB, Rheinlandsiegerin, BOB


                                                    SECOND BIRTHDAY LETTER "B"


   November 2010                          

congratulation !

Ofiicial  tests results: Baby Best-J-Ja  :  HD -  A1,  OCD free  (free right and left side), ED normal , eyes clear


                                       ukończyła kurs i zdała egzamin na psa towarzyszącego st 1




   September 12 Warsaw, Marlene received the title Club Winner 2010
and  II place BIS

                we are happy because she won the title four months after the birth of seven puppies

                    Chicco Best-J-Ja 4 month old received Very Promising and the title of Best Baby




                    Bingo Best-J-Ja excellent  I,  CAC



05 September 2010- CACIB Luxemburg,   Belinda (Baby)Best-J- Ja,  nitermediate class recived  CACIB and  BOB.!!!, father Athos v. Ellernbruch CACIB 





07 July 2010- CACIB Ludwigshafen-Belinda (Baby) Best-J-Ja  Anw. Dt. Ch. (VDH),Anw Dt Ch, (SSV),CACIB,  BOB!!!!



Baby Best-J-Ja, On June 13, 2010 Baby Best-Ja  on the CACIB Erfurt 2010 received 
excellent 1, Anw. Dt. Jug. Ch. (VDH), CAC-Jgd. (SSV), Landesjugendsiegerin Thüringen . She can stay Jgd. Champion . Dt, und  SSV     




On May 16, 2010 Marlen gave birth to 7 puppies: 5 boys and 2 girls. We will provide you soon with photographs and further information in the section "litters" under the letter C.



Between March 14 and March 15 we went for a long journey to Germany to meet the Swiss stud dog Llasko Ayala. We hope that the meeting was successful, and that there will be puppies in the second half of May.

                            Llasko Ayala



In January 2010 we changed the layout and composition of the website of our kennel. We hope that this version will be clearer and that it will be easier for You to find everything You need. In the nearest future I will be updating sections, which are not functioning yet. 


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