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 LETTER "B"  On January 18, 2009



4 puppies were born - 3 males and one female





            V -  Athos vom Ellernbruch Int.Ch                     M- Marlen from Swiss Star   





                        Ch. VDH, SSV                                                                                 mł.Ch.Pl i Ch.Pl            



                                        both parents HD-A, ED- O, OCD- free, no eye-diseases

        1-Baby- (f) 540gr,2-Bingo- (m) 580gr, 3-Barack- (m) 470gr, 4-Baster(m) 630gr 





                                                                    one week  old


          Barack               Baster                   Bingo                        Baby


                                               four weeks  




                    Barack                                                          Baster




                                       Bingo                                                            Baby 



                                              in new homes



                  Bingo- 2 miesiące                              Bingo 3 miesiące





 Baby (Belinda)  with daddy, more


      Baster -3 months 



                                   Barack (Fidel)


                                                      14 months - spring 2010



                        Baby (Belinda)                                                 Baster



                                  Bingo (Dino)                                                    Barack (Fidel)



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