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                                                              2 lata 7 miesiacy 72cm 62kgreproduktor      

                                Stud dog  26 months old, 62 kg 72cm 

                      HD-A, ED-0, OCD-free, Champion of Poland 

                    Pedigree,  X-RAY   ,  Eyes  Examination Certificate ,



 Shows results :   Warsaw  Best Baby  Club Show 2010,

                            Lublin  04.2011  Junior Class - WG,

                            Lublin 06. 2011  V 1- Junior Winner  ,  

                            Rzeszów  11. 02 2012 Intermediate class- V1 CWC,  CACIB 

                                     Nowy Dwór  31.03 2012   Intermediate class- V2 

                            Inowrocław 15.04 2012 Open class- V1 CAC

                            Warsaw 04.07 2012 Open class- V2

                            Białystok 25.08 2012 Open class- V1, CAC, BOB

                            Białystok 26.08.2012 Open class, V1, CAC, res CACIB

                            Kielce 11.11.2012 Open class V2

                            Vilnius Lithuania Open class V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

                                     Nitra Slowacja 23, 24 02 2013 Champion Class V2 res CAC, V1 CAC, res. CACIB 

                                   Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki 07.12.2013   klasa Championów -Dosk I, CAC, BOB



Chicco 5 weeks         



Chicco Best-J-Ja born May 16, 2010, one of 7 puppies from litter "C". Parents: Marlen Swiss Star (Cz) and Llasko Ayala (CH) will stay with us. This will be my first "boy". Male GSMD's are heavier and bigger than females and I have always liked them. Moreover, it's high time to find out how raising a male dog differs from raising a female dog. Chicco is quite independent and self-confident.  We decided he should stay in a house where a big dog is not a new experience.

                                    Chicco 6 month old, 35kg 66cm 

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