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                    MARLEN ( FRANKA) FROM SWISS STAR - veteran


                                                                   Summer   2012

                                                      6 years old  




22.09.2007-passed psychological tests 5/5 

21.05.2008-description of hip, elbow and shoulder joints x-ray  -HD-A, ED-0 , OCD-free



09.07.2008-Certificate of Eye Exam – Eyes without hereditary diseases, completely healthy. P(epi) 0,1259
DOG SHOWS - 5x BOB, 5 CACIB, International Beauty Champion (FCI),

Junior Champion PL, Champion PL
V2 - champion class
 WORLD DOG SHOW Bratislava 2009 

                                 CLUB WINNER 2010






9.11.2006   Kielce - Intertional Dog Show,  juror: Ewa Misic (Serbia),  very promising 


7-8.07.2007 Warszawa, Intertional Dog Show, juror: Karl Reisinger (A), V1-Junior Winner



25-26.08.2007 Białystok, I Intertional Dog Show, juror: Andrzej Kazimierski (PL),V1Junior Vinner 


Robust, elegant, smooth moves, correct in type, format and expression






09.09.2007 Warszawa-XIV Molossoid Breeds Club  Dog Show, juror: Anna Rogowska (PL),very good  I 





07.10.2007 Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki XII National Dog Show, juror: Maria Bruska  (PL), V1  Best Junior Class in Breed .  


17-18.11.2007-Kielce II  Intertional Dog Show,  juror: Viaheslav Verbitskij (BLR), V3 


20.01.2008 - 34 Welt Hunde Ausstellung Nuernberg,  juror: Henny Kapetijn (D) 





V1, CACIB, Anw. Dt,Ch.VDH, BOB, Harmoniously developed bitch with a very good head, very good ear holding, dark, very well positioned eyes, perfect neck, good in rear and in back, correct posture, good back line, beautiful, free moves, very beautiful coat with rich tan markings, good-tempered.  


09.02.2008- Rzeszów I  Intertional Dog Show,   juror: Anna Bogucka (PL), V1, CWC   

10.02.2008-Brno-  Intertional Dog Show, juror: Lubomir Licak(CZ),V2 

01.05.2008- Dobre Miasto XI  National Dog Show, juror: Anna Rogowska (PL) 

V1,CWC, Best Adult Bitch in Breed 



28-29.2008 -Kraków XII   Intertional Dog Show, juror: Andrzej Szutkiewicz (PL),  

V1 ,CWC, CACIB, BOBOf a perfect type, good frame, correct proportions, good head of a typical expression, good upper and lower line, good in rear and in back, good moves, good coat.   

06.07.2008-Lidzbark Warminski XXXV-Warminsko-Mazurska Dog Show, juror: Andrzej Szutkiewicz (PL), 


12.07.2008-Warszawa- Intertional Dog Show, juror: Libuse Ubrova (Cz), V1, CWC    

30-31.08.2008 Białystok, II International Dog, juror  Natalia Nekrosiene (LT) V1, CWC, CACIB, BOB 


Perfect type, good structure, perfect mass, perfect head in expression, long, strong neck, correct upper and lower lines, good in front and in the rear very good moves, quite narrow rear in movement, perfect temperament






 07.08.2009 Lithuania "Dzukija Summer"  judge Matti Tuominnen (Fin), V1, CWC, CACIB, BOB

21, 23.08.2009 Wels, Austria , judges:Karl Reisinger (A), Urosević Milivoje (SLO), V2x 2, res. CACA 

22.08.2009, judge A.Poduschka-Aigner Phylis (A), V1, CACA, CACIB, (Middle East European Winner)







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